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Backend Engineer


BHIVE is a group of managed office space and FinTech companies focused on commercial real estate –

BHIVE started as the oldest co-working brand in Bangalore and is now one of the largest chains of managed office-spaces in Bangalore. Established in the year 2014, we have a presence in multiple key locations in Bangalore and are on track to expand to multiple other key locations in the city. Beyond managed office spaces, we have introduced other flexible leasing products like enterprise leasing solutions. To know more, check out our website –

BHIVE Alts is the fintech platform which provides retail investors access to institutional quality Real Estate investment options, helping them diversify their portfolio –

Our mission is to be India’s largest and most comprehensive platform for commercial real estate rental solutions, driven by a customer-centric mindset. We strive to be the go-to partner of choice for customers by offering best-in-class customer experience, value for money, tailor-made solutions and the options available.

Experience: 3-5 years of relevant experience 

Contract Duration : Full Time 

Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in Technology OR Engineering

Interview Process : Applicant questionnaire > Assessment>Face to Face Rounds > HR Round 

Our Vision: 

At BHIVE, our mission is to emerge as India’s preeminent and all-encompassing platform for commercial real estate rental solutions. We are driven by a steadfast commitment to a customer-centric approach. Our aim is to become the preferred partner for our customers by consistently delivering superior customer experiences, providing optimal value, tailoring solutions to meet diverse needs, and offering a wide array of choices. 

 Employee Referral Policy:  

Category : Referral Category 4

If you refer a candidate, you stand to win exciting prizes. For more details refer to  

Why join BHIVE:   

  • Engaging Projects: BHIVE presents dynamic and innovative projects that significantly influence the industry, offering a platform for real impact and growth. 
  • Collaborative Culture: At BHIVE, we prioritize a collaborative environment that cherishes teamwork and fosters creativity, creating ample opportunities for continuous learning and shared success. 
  • Work-Life Harmony: We believe in the importance of work-life balance and provide flexibility in work hours, ensuring a nurturing and healthy equilibrium for our team. 
  • Career Advancement: BHIVE is committed to investing in employee development, providing abundant opportunities for professional advancement and personal growth within the organization. 
  • Meaningful Contributions: Working at BHIVE is synonymous with making substantial contributions to the vibrant startup ecosystem in India, enabling employees to be a part of meaningful and impactful work. 

Role Summary :  

The role of a Backend Engineer with expertise in Python technology involves developing, implementing, and maintaining the server-side logic of web applications, APIs, and other software systems. Key responsibilities include:

Key Deliverables : 

  •  Expertise in FastAPI and a chosen ORM library.
  • Solid Python programming skills.
  • Advanced testing proficiency.
  • Problem-solving, debugging, and critical thinking skills.
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills.

Key Competencies : 

  • Leverage FastAPI’s strengths for automatic documentation, dependency injection, and asynchronous operations.
  • Craft robust API endpoints with data validation, security measures, and error handling.
  • Adhere to industry standards and best practices for building RESTful APIs.
  • Integrate authentication and authorization mechanisms for secure access.
  • Utilize an ORM library for efficient database management, including modeling complex data structures, performing CRUD operations, crafting optimized queries, and managing database migrations.
  •  Comprehensive API Testing.
  • Collaborate with front-end developers.
  • Monitor and optimize system performance.
  • Maintain code quality and documentation.
  • Embrace innovation and stay up-to-date.

Employee Benefits:   

  • BHIVE has a very strong benefits policy including an employee-friendly ESOP policy in place. ESOPs may be applicable to the role based on performance.   
  • We believe training is an integral part of an individual’s career and continually do so to seamlessly improve and develop the individual further.   
  • Access to multiple BHIVE events which gives the candidate great opportunities for professional networking   

How To Apply? 

Please send your CV to with the subject “Application for the position of Backend Engineer.

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